A Powerflush (or power flush) is an efficient way of removing the sludge and dirt that build up inside your central heating system over time. Without a Powerflush you could see a gradual reduction in efficiency of your boiler system as this sludge coats the internal piping and reduces circulating efficiency.

Most central heating systems develop this sludge over time, there will be more in older systems. You do not want to replace and update your boiler with the latest model without commissioning a Powerflush first. As the sludge and general dirt are disturbed in the new installation it will find its way into your new boiler and reduce its effectiveness or life span.

The following are some of the problems that could be avoided with a Powerflush as it removes the Magnetite sludge from your system : -

•Cold Radiators

•Boiler Deposits

•Heating Pump circulation problems

•Pipe Blockages

•Internal Corrosion

•System blockages

•Noisy systems

As a result the benefits of a professionally delivered Powerflush could be :-

•Increased pump life as your central heating pump handles clear water instead of sludge

•Curing radiator cold spots so that the full surface of the radiator heats your room

•Improved central heating system efficiency so reducing fuel costs in future years.

•Clearing the boiler heat exchanger to stop banging noises (kettling) and prolonging the boiler life

•Reduces Hydrogen gas build up which can lead to radiator corrosion and reduced heat output

•Clearing your system of contaminated water which could lead to internal heating system corrosion.

A Powerflush machine is used to complete the task. It is connected to your system and the central heating water is routed through the machine where it filters out the contaminants. The Powerflush literally flushes the new liquid through your central heating system. Once the task is completed the Engineer should refill your central heating system adding a corrosion inhibiter to prolong its operating life.

A Powerflush needs to be performed by trained engineers and there will be no mess or complicated installations. The Powerflush machine connects to your existing piping enabling the task to be completed rapidly, it can then be de-coupled leaving your heating system as it was, minus the sludge.